How to get a clean Chinese tattoo

HANHONG, China — A Chinese woman who became a local celebrity after tattooing a tattoo of a smiling, smiling tiger on her face got the tattoo removed after she said she couldn’t find a reputable doctor willing to do the work.

According to the local news outlet People’s Daily, Chen, 24, was tattooed on her left forearm and cheek on April 3 at a local tattoo parlor.

She said she was having a tough time finding a reputable tattoo artist willing to perform the procedure.

Chen said she asked the manager at the tattoo shop to help her out and the manager came up with the idea to do it on her forearm.

Chen said the tattoo was done in the same style as her favorite tattoo artist, Wang Yi.

Cheryl Chen said her tattoo artist told her she could have the tattoo done at home and that the cost would be about $1,000.

Chern said she decided to try to find a local doctor to do her tattoo and contacted People’s Business Daily to find out if there were any local tattoo artists willing to tattoo her.

The publication told her there were only a few licensed tattoo artists in China.

Chens husband, a police officer in Hanzhou, told the newspaper that the tattoo artist had already removed the tiger from his wife’s face after a previous attempt.

Coupled with her husband’s experience, Chen said she wanted to show that China is a place where people can do what they want, and not have to worry about the consequences of their actions.

A Chinese doctor who specializes in skin diseases told the People’s Weekly newspaper that tattoos should only be done after a doctor has examined the patient, and that they should not be done on people who have a medical condition.