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The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement requires teams to pay the NFLPA $1 million to represent them in labor disputes, which are supposed to be resolved by a jury.

The agreement does not require a jury trial, though it could.

So, teams will be on the hook for that cost.

The team that loses will have to pay that amount, plus the amount of the damages awarded.

The NFLPA is asking the court to award the money, because the union was seeking it to represent the team.

Here’s how it would work: The NFL is required to reimburse the NFL for the amount the union had to spend defending itself in the case.

The court would be responsible for determining how much the league should reimburse.

This is a tricky proposition because the NFL is paying to defend itself.

The league is not liable for the attorney fees and costs the union is paying, so the union could end up paying much more than it’s legally entitled to.

For example, the union’s attorney has spent more than $3 million defending the team in the court case.

If the NFL reimburses the union for that money, the player could be out millions of dollars.

The union could have the burden of proving that the league is liable, since the court would decide who should pay for the damages.

The case is likely to get a lot of attention because the players have said that they would like to see a jury hear the case in a jury-based trial, which would be a much fairer system.