Western medicine: How to treat an allergy without taking a drug

The first step in any treatment is to understand your symptoms.

“In terms of medicine, the goal is to treat it with an appropriate drug,” said Dr. William A. Miller, who founded a company, Pharmaceutics, in 1996 to study the immune system and other ailments.

“The goal is not to cure it.”

It’s the same approach used in treating asthma and allergy, Miller said.

He uses a variety of different drugs to treat different symptoms.

Most include antihistamines, immunosuppressants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Miller’s patients, who include patients with chronic allergies, have a variety different allergies and conditions.

They range from severe allergic rhinitis to a mild case of eczema.

In the case of chronic allergy, the main symptom is inflammation and itching, and can be severe, but not life-threatening.

Sometimes the allergy causes an asthma attack.

And other times, the condition is mild, but it can be life- threatening.

Symptoms of chronic asthma include: breathing difficulty