How to tell if you’re sick with a Western medicine

The NHL has released a new list of ailments and diseases that can be associated with Western medicine.

The list includes flu-like symptoms, a condition known as “Hemophagocytosis,” which can be caused by blood clots in the lungs and liver, and a “Diabetic Pulmonary Syndrome,” which is a condition in which the pancreas can’t properly work.

Western medicine is not the only thing in the NHL that can cause an illness.

The National Hockey League also has a list of conditions that can develop after exposure to a certain type of bacteria or virus, and some of those include influenza, pneumonia and bronchitis.

There are also a handful of conditions known to cause “Pneumonia” that can occur in hockey players.

If you think you or a loved one have a Western illness, call the NHL’s medical line at 1-800-422-4378 or visit the NHL website.