How to avoid getting a cold from a western medical school

A western medicine student from New Delhi got a cold last week and was put in hospital with a lung infection.

He died two days later, while undergoing treatment in a local hospital.

The condition was described by a fellow student as being similar to a cold but it was not until today that the exact cause of death was revealed. 

The student, who is in his thirties, has a condition known as cystic fibrosis, which makes the air around his lungs narrow and makes it difficult for him to breathe.

His condition was discovered on October 5, when he was in a meeting.

A doctor took his temperature, but when the doctor looked closely he realised that the patient had a lung condition.

The student, however, was not the only one to have a cold.

According to the Indian Medical Association of India, almost 200 people from New India, the country’s largest medical school, have died in the past two months from the same lung condition in the state.

While the cause of the illness has not been confirmed, many believe that the symptoms are the result of a virus.

“A patient with lung disease and no other medical problem could have become infected.

There is a chance that someone who is suffering from a viral infection will have lung disease, too.

The virus may have infected the lungs of the people who have been infected and this may have resulted in death,” said Dr Murali, the medical officer of the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences.

Dr Muralidhi said that in India, most of the cases occur in rural areas, where people are more exposed to viruses.

However, he said that while there were many ways to be infected, the most important way was to be exposed to people.

He said that if the virus was in the lungs, it was likely to get into the bloodstream, where it would cause severe infection.

“The more the patient has exposed to someone, the more likely they are to get virus and the more severe the disease will become,” he said.

Dr Mudhra Singh, the chief medical officer, said that the state government was taking the matter seriously.

According to him, the state had registered more than 10,000 cases of viral disease this year.

Last month, the Indian government announced that it would begin a national campaign against viral disease, and it will be rolled out in the coming days.

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