When the western medicine model is a sham

Western medicine is not a medicine but a marketing scheme.

It is a fraud perpetrated by Western governments to profit from the misery of its citizens.

Western medicine was founded in 1884 in the US, but it was widely condemned for being a pseudoscience that was practiced to the exclusion of other medical disciplines.

Its proponents claimed that it treated illnesses with drugs, including antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

They also claimed that the treatment worked and even cured disease.

They claimed that they could treat a whole population, but were unable to do so due to the lack of a reliable and well-tested system of medicine.

A review of more than 50 years of scientific literature on Western medicine published in 2007 found that the model was a sham.

In the US alone, there were more than 1,200 Western medicine hospitals that provided services to patients and provided free healthcare to those who were sick.

In Australia, there are more than 10,000 such facilities, which provide healthcare to more than 11 million people each year.

The Western medicine model of Western medicine has been discredited in the past, but now it is a growing industry in Europe.

Western Medicine is a form of medicine that involves administering medication to a patient in a controlled setting, where the patient’s symptoms are controlled and the physician’s skills are trained.

This is the Western medicine standard used in many countries, and it is still being used by Western countries.

According to the World Health Organisation, Western medicine had been shown to have no proven effectiveness for any disease or condition.

There was no evidence of any scientific consensus in favour of Western medical treatment.

Western hospitals provide healthcare for more than one million people every year.

In Europe, the number of Western hospitals is increasing at an alarming rate.

A 2010 report by the European Medicines Agency found that there are now about 3,000 hospitals that are either owned by foreign countries or run by private companies.

The majority of these are in the European Union and many of these hospitals are operated by non-profit organisations, such as the NHS, and they are managed by the public sector.

The problem is that they are run by profit-seeking and unethical organisations who are also profiting from the diseases they treat.

The western medicine system is based on the idea that western medicine is a “safe” and “proven” treatment, while in reality, it is only available in the West and it has been shown not to work or cure any disease.

Western doctors are not trained in any medical specialty, including any of the basic ones such as orthopedics, respiratory medicine or infectious diseases.

There are no medical textbooks available to guide doctors.

There is no doctor-patient relationship and patients are expected to trust Western doctors who are trained in Western medicine, which is based upon Western standards.

There can be no doubt that Western medicine causes unnecessary suffering, pain and suffering.

It has been proven to be dangerous, dangerous in its effects and it’s been proven that it has not been shown that it works.

The only way that Western doctors can help their patients is by taking the time to get trained in the correct medical and surgical techniques.

Western medical institutions have the responsibility to educate their patients and the public about the best medical treatment for each patient.

Western health care facilities are now increasingly being seen as unsafe, unregulated and unhealthy, and many Western governments are demanding that Western hospitals be closed.

Western healthcare providers have also been exposed for using unethical methods to treat patients, including by prescribing painkillers, antifunctans and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Western governments have also banned Western hospitals from providing healthcare to people who are seriously ill, because the governments do not believe that they can provide the care that Western patients need and want.

This means that Western healthcare facilities are not equipped to help people with diseases such as COPD and hypertension, and the Western healthcare system is now becoming more and more of a financial burden on the healthcare systems of other countries.