Chinese medical school graduates have no qualifications

By The News Minute| September 28, 2019 09:47:48Dr.

Dr. S. B. Sankaran, an award-winning author, author of several books, and medical student from India, has revealed that medical students at Western Medicine acupuncture school are not qualified to do their profession, or indeed any medical profession.

Dr Sankararan has written to the Government of India asking for a clarification on the issue of medical students getting certificates of completion after completing three years of training in Western Medicine.

The author has written on his blog that he has asked the Prime Minister of India to “take cognizance” of the issue and to “make appropriate steps for clarifying the matter”.

Dr Sankaaran is the founder of Western Medicine, a medical college, and a former Chairman of the Board of the Indian Medical Association.

He has written several books and other publications on the subject of Western medicine and has been awarded numerous awards for his work.

He also founded the Association of Eastern Medical Schools of India, which is a registered charity, which conducts medical education in India.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has taken the initiative to establish an expert panel to look into the issue.

“Western Medicine is an important discipline in medicine,” Dr Sanksaran wrote on his website.

“Its very important that our medical students have the qualifications to perform the medical profession.”

Dr Sanskaran further said, “In fact, it is quite clear that many medical students do not have the requisite medical qualifications, including the relevant certificate of completion, which can be earned in any medical college.

For example, medical students who have completed three years’ training in a medical school in the United States, Canada, Australia or elsewhere may not have completed any postgraduate medical courses at Western Medical School.

I feel it is incumbent upon the Government to take cognizence of this issue.”

He further said that, in his opinion, the medical education of medical graduates is “the only medical training available in this country.”

They need to know what is meant by a qualified doctor, and how to practise medicine in this context.” “

We need to educate our students on the basic science of medicine.

They need to know what is meant by a qualified doctor, and how to practise medicine in this context.”

Dr B.S. Sanchandra, the President of the Western Medicine College, said, “We have a very strict policy and curriculum which is for our students.

This means that the medical graduates are not entitled to any certificate of completing three-year training in any of our colleges.

It is the students who are qualified to practice medicine and it is for them to know the medical knowledge.”

“If Western Medicine students get certificates of completed three-years of training, we have to take the action required for making them qualified to practise medical profession,” Dr B Sankara said.

The Western Medicine Faculty, which runs the Western Medical College, also said that the institution is aware of the author’s issue and has taken a decision to “get in touch with the concerned authorities” on this.

“The College takes issue with this post,” Dr. B Sanchara said in a statement.

“It is our duty to make sure that students get a certificate of completed training in three years to ensure that they can take up the profession of medicine at a postgraduate level.

We do not need medical students to have medical degrees.

We also take cognisance of the students’ academic progress in Western Medical school.”

Dr. K. Sastri, a Professor at the Indian College of Traditional Indian Medicine, who has also been a frequent critic of Western medical education, said he is “concerned” about Dr Sanchesan’s “praise” for Western Medicine colleges and the “failure” of Indian medical students in getting degrees.

Dr Kastri said,   “The college has not given any certificate to Western Medicine graduates.

The College has no record of these graduates.

They have not been registered with any government body or institution.”

He also said, that he had seen no official notification to this effect from the Western Health Sciences College, which was run by the Indian government.

“In any case, Western Medicine is not a registered medical college,” Dr K Sastry said.

He added, “A certificate of course completion is required by the Government for medical students.

I have seen no such notification or official notification from the Government.”

Dr K.

Sastri further said the Western School of Traditional Medicine, which has a number of students, is working on the matter.

“There is a lot of pressure being exerted by Western Medicine schools to make Western Medicine medical colleges and medical students graduate from Western Medicine school,” he said.

“However, the Government has failed to provide the appropriate guidelines on this point. This