‘Dancing with dinosaurs’ may help doctors diagnose Alzheimer’s patients

It was once thought that dancing was a good way to relax, but a new study has shown that dancing may be a way to prevent dementia and other diseases.

Dr Stephen M. Minchin, professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado at Denver, is part of a team studying how people perform a simple form of exercise that’s known as dancing.

It’s the same type of exercise you would do in a gym, but instead of your legs hitting the ground, your arms and shoulders are being propelled into the air.

Dr Minchin said the researchers have found that people who dance are less likely to develop a range of diseases including dementia, arthritis and other forms of inflammation, and that this could be because they’re able to get a sense of movement while in the midst of the activity.

Dr Minsin said the study was designed to examine the effect of dancing on people with mild cognitive impairment.

“It’s very rare to find a person who doesn’t have some degree of cognitive impairment, so this may provide a good opportunity to look at the impact of this activity,” Dr Minchin told ABC News.

“This is a very small group of people, so we think it will be interesting to see whether people with a mild cognitive impairment will be more likely to engage in dancing.”

If that’s true, then this could have a really big impact on how the brain develops.

“Dr Minchin said this type of dance could be particularly beneficial for people with dementia, who often have a hard time getting into and out of the habit of dancing.

Dr Andrew J. Burdett, professor in the department of medicine and biobehavioral sciences at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the Bronx, New York, said he was impressed with the research.”

I think this study is really important, because I think it’s the first study to show that this is an activity that actually helps with cognition,” Dr Burdet said.”

The effect is actually very modest, so the more you dance the better you do.

“He said he would recommend people try it out as part of their daily routine.

Dr Burdets research has shown dancing is also a healthy way to get to know a person.”

A lot of people get very upset when they hear that a person is a dancer, and this is one of the reasons why dancing is so good, is that you can understand them and you can talk to them about their day,” he said.