A History of Hippocrates’ Hippocratic Oath

The Hippocratic oath, a way of life that has long been associated with the Western world, has been largely ignored in the West.

For centuries, Westerners have revered and admired the ancient Greeks, who were among the earliest to understand and practice the use of medicines and remedies.

Hippocrates, an Athenian physician who lived around 300 BCE, first articulated a code of ethics, which in turn inspired other Westerners to follow his example.

As a result, the Oath was passed down orally, with different versions and variations of the same oath taken by different people throughout time.

But in recent years, the use and value of the oath has declined dramatically.

While the use has increased, the cost has also risen.

In recent years the use in medicine has been decreasing and the cost of administering it has skyrocketed.

In the U.S., physicians have spent more than $8 billion on the oath in the last decade alone.

That’s nearly $2 million per day for the U