A definition of western medicine

Western medicine today has many attributes that distinguish it from traditional medicine, including the belief that health is a matter of perception rather than a matter that can be measured.

But the new term, western medicine, is being used to describe a type of medicine that is largely considered outside traditional medicine.

Its main attributes are its focus on the human body rather than on the natural world, its reliance on Western-style medicine and the reliance on medical equipment.

This term is used to distinguish the type of treatment, which includes the use of pharmaceuticals, surgical techniques and some medical procedures, that Western doctors use in their practice, from the types of medicine they are typically known for.

Western medicine is often viewed as a more effective alternative to traditional medicine that has less side effects and is more accessible to a broader audience.

But in the West, it has come to be associated with the use and acceptance of Western-type medical techniques.

It has become the term used to refer to the type, style and style of medicine used by Western physicians, whether they are practicing in private practice or in public hospitals, the Department of Health and Human Services said.

This article has been updated to reflect the new definition of Western medicine.

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In the United States, the term “medical school” is a broader umbrella term that includes both public and private schools and hospitals, although the Department said it has not defined a definition for the former.

The department also said that the new terms were being used for non-medical purposes and were not intended to be taken literally or as an endorsement of any specific medical practice.

This article has also been updated.