Why you should be using hypothyroid medication

Doctors recommend thyroid medication to treat hypothyroids, which include mild or moderate forms of thyroid cancer.

But a study published this week in the journal Neurology suggests it may be too common for people to take the medication.

Dr. James F. Hines, an associate professor of neurology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, led the study with Dr. Paul P. Atherton, professor of medicine and chief of the neurology department at Harvard Medical School.

They looked at a nationwide sample of about 1,200 adults with mild or mild hypothyroxinemia who were asked to take a common drug called methotrexate.

That drug, known as T4, is the standard treatment for mild hypo, the condition that usually affects the body’s production of thyroid hormone.

They also asked people about how often they took the medication, and whether it was an emergency.

They looked at how often the medication was taken for other reasons, like for weight loss or other conditions.

The findings were pretty consistent across all age groups, as well as gender and race.

There were some differences among ethnic groups.

People with mild hypogonadism were more likely to be taking T4 than people with mild thyroid cancer were.

The difference between the two was about 10 percent, and that difference increased with age, and was about 15 percent among black and Hispanic people, the researchers wrote.

T4 can also help people with certain forms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

T4 is used to treat severe fatigue, and is sometimes used to prevent muscle spasms, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The study did not look at people with other conditions, like bipolar disorder, autism or schizophrenia.

The study authors cautioned that it’s important to remember that people with hypothyrogenesis are often very sick and not necessarily the type of people who are at increased risk for complications from T4 use.

The authors also recommended that doctors talk with patients about their thyroid symptoms and try to avoid taking the drug.