How to stop your cancer from spreading

I had a big night last week and I couldn’t sleep.

My doctor had been telling me to rest.

But I couldn´t sleep.

I was feeling so tired that I couldn`t even get dressed.

I couldnít sleep either.

I felt really tired.

I had just had my birthday, and I had had it with my mum.

And now my mum was feeling really depressed.

I had a lot of people asking me, “What are you doing for your cancer?”

And my reply was, “I´m doing my medicine.”

But I didn´t have enough money.

And I wasn´t able to find the right doctors.

So I had to go to the chemist in my town to find a specialist to help me with the medication.

And they were very helpful.

They brought me to a specialist, a neurosurgeon, and a radiologist, and they told me I should be able to sleep for a few days.

I said, “Thank you, thank you.”

I couldn´ t sleep, but I felt very well.

I could get dressed, I could talk to my mum, I had my first shower in three months, and my tummy felt better.

So now I have been to my first surgery, and this morning I feel like I am in a different world.

I feel so much better.

But the biggest surprise is that I feel better, and that I can do this for a long time.

I am in remission, and the next day I was told that I could go back to work.

I am so happy, but it´s not easy.

I have to work two jobs, and to be honest, I don´t know what to do.

I have been going to the pharmacy three or four times a week, but my tumour has taken the worst hit in the world.

It takes a lot for my tumours to get worse.

When I had cancer, my tumoured area was just like a ball.

It was not as big, it was smaller.

Now I have a bigger tumour, and it is bigger than my tumorous area.

It has taken a lot to get this treatment, so I don’t know how I am going to get through it.

I think it will take me some time, but hopefully I will get through.

But I hope I can get through, and hopefully that day I will be able do the chemo.

I hope it can help me stop my cancer from growing.

I don`t know, but this is a miracle.

This is my miracle.

And the miracle of chemo, for me, is that it has worked.

I can´t believe it.