What’s the difference between western medicine and alternative medicine?

Non-Western Medicine is defined as medicine from non-Western countries that is not widely accepted in other countries.

Western Medicine is medicine that has been developed by Western countries.

It includes medicines that are approved for use in the Western countries, such as antibiotics and vaccines.

Western medicine has been used for centuries by western countries.

Non-western Medicine is considered less harmful than Western Medicine.

It does not include medicines from countries like China or India that are not widely used in western countries, but do contain some Western ingredients.

Non Western Medicine Benefits Western Medicine contains fewer side effects and is less expensive than Western medicine.

Non western medicine is a better option for people who have an allergy to a medicine or a condition that is commonly found in Western countries like asthma, allergies, and depression.

It is a cheaper alternative to alternative medicine because it is made in the same way.

Western medical treatment can also include: allergy treatments