How to cure your cold with this ‘magic’ pill

The world is awash with a range of treatments for the common cold, including antihistamines, cold medications and anti-inflammatory creams.

But there’s one pill that is thought to be the ultimate cold remedy: the minchin.

The Chinese herbal medicine is said to have anti-bacterial properties, which are why it has been used to treat the common chill.

Its also been known to fight the common seasonal cold and help with the flu.

However, the minchin is not the only one on the market.

It can also be used to combat the common flu and pneumonia.

And it may be a little easier to understand why.

Minchin is an herbal medicine which contains a small amount of ginger.

The ginger in the minchat is known to possess a powerful antibacterial action, according to researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia.

Minchins are also said to possess anti-viral properties.

So it’s no surprise that a Chinese herbalist has made a powerful pill that works against the common winter chill. 

The anti-cold pills minchin western Medicine is made of a mixture of ginger and honey, which is traditionally used for its anti-infective properties.

The mixture contains a small amount of ginger, honey and black tea.

The minchins’ medicinal properties include a powerful anti-virulence effect, a healing effect, anti-cancer, antiwrinkle and antiaging properties, and a relaxing effect. 

Minchin western Medical is the product of a minichin herbalist from China.

The herbalist is Dr Zhengxiao Manchin, who is a professor of medicinal medicine and medical chemistry at the university.

Dr Zhengxiang claims to have been working with minchins for about five years, and he first discovered their medicinal properties in 2014.

He has now spent more than 10 years studying the medicinal properties of the mincin and has published his findings in The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr Zhengxiang said he began working with the minichin years ago, after learning that the minchi was able to stop and reverse a variety of infections.

He added that the herbal medicine has been in widespread use for a long time. 

Dr Zhangxiang’s research on the minchoins medicinal properties is expected to be published in a medical journal in the near future. 

In fact, the minchat is in fact the second most widely consumed herbal medicine in China after Chinese medicinal herbs. 

According to Dr Wang, minchuans medicinal properties are similar to Chinese herbal medicine and can be used for both cold and flu treatment. 

There are two types of minchis medicinal properties, one that’s used for colds and another for flu. 

However, Dr Wang said minchoins are more potent in both cases, with the anti-colds and antiflu properties being more powerful. 

It is believed that minchi are particularly potent against the seasonal flu, and that they are also effective for treating the common season cold. 

“The anti cold pill is a product that is used for treating colds, but we know that it’s also effective in treating influenza and other seasonal infections,” Dr Wang told 

He added that the minchen has a lot of potential to be used in both the cold and the flu treatment because it is a combination of both anti-sickness and anti ergotics. 

A small amount per day is the optimal dosage for a person with a cold and is thought to be around 1.4 grams. 

People should consume 1-2 capsules per day and do it at bedtime, or when they are least active. 

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