‘Cured’ Chinese man with rare kidney disease: Dr. J.J. Abrams

By Alex Wawrock-DicksonMedical News Today – August 06, 2018 – 08:52:59A 25-year-old man who was hospitalized for the last 10 days in the intensive care unit at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center has had his kidney removed.

The patient was hospitalized with a severe kidney disorder known as nephrotic syndrome, according to Dr. James L. Janssens, M.D., who is the chief of the division of Nephrology and Peritoneal Surgery at UAB.

Janssonsens said the patient has kidney problems due to his disease, but did not provide any further details.

“The patient had a severe history of kidney disease and a history of nephropathy that may have contributed to the onset of nefibrosis,” Jansens said.

The nefebrosis, a disorder of kidney tissue that can cause severe bleeding, is caused by damage to the tissue that lines the outside of the kidney.

Jankens said this tissue has to be replaced with a new one.

Jankens added that this is not uncommon for patients with nephrosis.

“In most cases, patients are referred to specialists for a kidney transplant,” he said.

“The patient’s history may have led to a different diagnosis.”

Jans s report on the case is posted on the hospital website.

The hospital does not have information about the patient’s age or other personal information.

The hospital said in a statement that it has been notified that the patient will be discharged.

The University of Arkansas Medical Center says it was not notified of the surgery.

Janskens told MedNanews he is not sure when the patient returned to normal activities, but that he has been able to maintain normal activities.

He said the treatment for the nefbrosis has been very beneficial.

He said this is one of the most common nefes of kidney cancer, but it has no cure.